الأربعاء، 17 أغسطس 2011

oned and Hairy – Matthieu Charneau Erotic Body Add comments So I have another young man for you today who might turn out to be a little controversial (I love a little controversy!) I was chatting to a buddy of mine this morning while I was browsing for some hot guys to feature and the moment I saw Matthieu Charneau I was hooked. But my buddy said no, he didn’t think he was “worthy”. He admits that the guy is seriously sexy and good looking, but a little too hairy in these shots. Personally, I love him, I think he’s perfect the way he is, gorgeous and toned, handsome and a little rough around the edges. It’s nice to mix it up and throw in some rugged young lads amongst the smooth muscle jocks now and then isn’t it? Oh, I have a feeling I’ve just initiated some seriously sexy fantasies writing that ;-) Matthieu Charneau is a really sexy 22 year old French model just starting out in the business, and currently lives in New York. If I’m honest, I think we’ll be seeing a lot of this guy in the next few years. I have a real feeling this young man is going to be pretty huge. He has the right look, flexible and easy to place in almost any style from sporty young jock to rough and rugged teen and then handsome young professional… Think of any style of advertising for almost any market and you can probably imagine him fitting into it, albeit with a little shaving :-) Matthieu Charneu - Lean Matthieu Charneu - Getting Naked Matthieu Charneu - Horny and Hairy Matthieu Charneu - Handsome Matthieu Charneu - Sexy Bulge Matthieu Charneu - Gorgeous Matthieu Charneu - Naked Matthieu Charneu - Sexy Butt Matthieu Charneu - Nude Matthieu Charneu - Hairy Ass

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