Height: 6’1.5″
Waist: 31
Shoe: 11.5
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
I love a cute boy with an “open” mouth ;)
Julian showing off his “longboard” .
It’s amazing how facial hair can change his look so much.
What are the chances he’s smiling because he knows his abs are hot?
Check out the next “it” accessory. Oversized clunky neck pieces are all the rage.
Am I the only one who has a weakness for guys wearing suspenders with no shirt?
I love a good preppy outdoorsy look. This is how I like to camp.
Julian hanging out with two models previously featured on Homorazzi.com- Jamie Jewitt (middle) and Marlon Teixeira (right).
Looking like a hot newsie boy on the left and a super gay Conan the Barbarian extra on the right.
From now on, this is how I want my beer delivered.
Snapping a few pics of his fellow male models backstage.
Batter up. Going for that chic sports look.
His wet shirt looks super hot caressing his juicy rumpshaker.
A little over-the-top nipple play with fellow hot model, River Viiperi.
Stretching does a body good.